Customer Satisfaction Benefits

Success in the automotive industry is typically measured by the number of satisfied customers. Success is based on several things including vehicle price, convenience, services provided, attitudes of employees and the list goes on. Research has shown that one of the best ways to create and strengthen customer loyalty is through the service experience. To be competitive, dealers must have a service experience that is positive for customers with each and every service visit.

FCA US LLC believes that the best way to build the most technically advanced service department is to develop the talent needed to support the technology and “grow-your-own” technician philosophy, from student/interns to technicians and service specialists. In a typical dealership the service department contains the most people, facilities and equipment than any other department in the dealership. And, when customers receive courteous, prompt and reliable service they are likely to return, so a strong and efficient service department is crucial to the entire dealership’s success.

MOPAR® CAP creates alliances with dealerships, students and feeder schools. These alliances create the ultimate learning environment that result in a service department with highly trained, loyal technicians occupying key employee roles in day-to-day activities within our dealerships.

These alliances are what make MOPAR CAP so unique and important. Students learn exclusively on FCA US LLC products while attending college and sponsoring dealers gain new employees that are very familiar with FCA US LLC diagnostic equipment, service information and product knowledge that is extremely difficult to get anywhere else. Customers will return to their dealers only when they have a positive experience. Quality service technicians who have become “service specialists” at their sponsoring dealerships tend to be loyal employees. Essentially, it is those loyal employees who keep customers coming into our dealerships. This is what MOPAR CAP is about.