Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are agreements with two or more educational institutions and detail the amount and type of training credit that can be transferred from one school to the other. For articulation agreements to work, representatives of each institution compare their respective course curricula to determine which courses are comparable and which are not. Their consensus is then formalized into a written agreement which is used by students and advisors and is updated according to a mutual schedule.FCA US LLC encourages MOPAR® CAP Colleges to work with their feeder school systems to establish articulation agreements that benefit students, schools and dealers participating in MOPAR CAP.

The Purpose of Articulation Agreements

  • Articulation Agreements reduce the redundancies in the education, training and skill development process. Students with previous learning experiences can receive training credit toward their degree for selected courses at MOPAR CAP Colleges for skills previously learned prior to enrolling in MOPAR CAP.
  • Articulation Agreements offer students an opportunity to more effectively plan their academic career, maximize their learning experience while in college and avoid repeating coursework that was successfully completed prior to enrolling in MOPAR CAP. Students use course Articulation Agreements to assure that the courses they complete will not need to be repeated at the post-secondary institution to which they are enrolling.
  • Many CAP Colleges have articulation agreements with their NATEF-certified feeder schools. Automotive Youth Education System (AYES) schools provide excellent source for articulation agreements. Students entering CAP can receive course credit based on the articulation agreement between the MOPAR CAP College/University and their feeder schools.