Instructional Staff

MOPAR® CAP Colleges must be accredited institutions that are NATEF-accredited programs.

  • College CAP instructors are FCA US LLC-trained,experienced professionals and are kept-up-to-date on the latest technology and procedures through ongoing FCA US LLC technical training and instructor certification processes. Each MOPAR CAP instructor is required to attend and receive approval to teach FCA Performance Institute Technical Training Skill Core Curriculum Courses prior to each student receiving FCA US LLC training credit for associated courses in the FCA Performance Institute Technical Training Skill Core Curriculum.

  • MOPAR CAP instructors spend considerable time with corporate training staff to learn and stay current with the latest technologies used on Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT® vehicles. MOPAR CAP instructors utilize corporate instructor guides, student activity lists, service information and diagnostic processes in their automotive classroom and lab exercises.

  • Each MOPAR CAP College maintains an MOPAR CAP Advisory Board comprised of dealer representatives, students, corporate personnel and college administration. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to determine the direction in which MOPAR CAP should move in relation to core curriculum, developed curricular content and the order in which various subjects are studied within the curriculum to promote continuous program improvement.

  • The MOPAR CAP Advisory Board also makes recommendations to MOPAR CAP partners regarding changes that should take place in support of program improvement.