How Dealers Relate to the MOPAR® CAP Program

Dealers – Are you having a difficult time finding and hiring qualified service technicians at your dealership? You know the ones – technicians that already have the product knowledge, skills to properly use the diagnostic equipment and the work ethic and attitude that fosters a long-lasting relationship with your customers! Since 1984, the Mopar® Career Automotive Program (MCAP) has been providing dealers like yours with the next generation of quality technicians. In 2012, MOPAR CAP was re-launched by a new team, with new resources applied. As part of a successful business model, the sole purpose of MOPAR CAP is to help you find, recruit and employ new technicians.

MOPAR CAP Colleges fill hundreds of classroom openings every year with students who want to become FCA US LLC service technicians. But it is unfortunate that each year many “would-be MOPAR CAP students" are forced to attend “generic automotive programs” because they could not find a Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram or FIAT® dealer sponsor. The dealership internship portion of the learning process is an integral part of the overall learning experience that sets MOPAR CAP graduates apart from those attending other programs. You should know:

  • The MOPAR Career Automotive Program (MCAP) provides dealers with a unique opportunity to “grow-their-own” quality technicians and secure a competitive edge in their Service Department by creating a service experience where customers are put first and where service is performed correctly the first time and every time.
  • While attending MOPAR CAP, students learn exclusively on FCA US LLC products, tools, equipment and diagnostic processes as they work toward their associate’s degree in Service Technology (or equivalent). The product knowledge they receive gives your dealership a distinct advantage over hiring a general technician from another dealership or off of the street.
  • The industry as a whole is becoming extremely competitive for new automotive technicians. Let’s face it, most young people today are not growing up with an automotive skills set. However, MOPAR CAP students are motivated students looking for a stable, challenging career in a dealership environment! With today’s aging workforce, it is time to start working with MOPAR CAP to begin the two-year-plus process of bringing new talent into your shop.
  • MOPAR CAP is a proactive approach toward service department skill development. It’s a long-range investment with tangible benefits, including highly skilled and loyal employees in key positions, which directly impact your customers on a daily basis.
    • Here is what some dealers are saying about MOPAR CAP:

      “Labor Gross GP% is about 81% for my MOPAR CAP Graduates at the present time and productivity is at about 125%.”
      Dealer President – Ohio

      “My service gross has increased every year and I attribute the growth to our people and their training. I feel that the MOPAR CAP program sets the stage for the career path our techs need.”
      Owner – Oklahoma

      “The last two years we have graduated two students that by far have exceeded our expectations. They are truly an asset to our service department. They consistently produce quality work with a high volume of productivity.”
      Service Manager – Ohio

      “I am convinced that had it not been for the MOPAR CAP program and their ability to produce high quality young technicians, our dealership would be in a real technical dilemma.”
      Service Manager – Ohio

      As the auto industry changes to meet customer expectations and demand, technology and innovative designs will reshape the service skills required to properly service Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram products. Consequently, it is important to build a service team that has the ability to change with the times and encourages your customers to “stick with the specialists” employed at your dealership, for all of their service needs.

      The technician’s role is changing, from fixing things that the laws of nature destroy and forces of motion typically wear out, to the development of interpersonal and computer skills that require special “process thinking” for proper diagnosis and customer care.

      FCA US LLC has renewed its investments in MOPAR CAP because we believe that having a program where tomorrow's technicians learn exclusively on our vehicles creates loyal employees with a “competitive edge.”

      We recognize that our success tomorrow is determined by the youth found in classrooms today. There is no better time to look at your options and start “growing-your-own” elite team of service specialists. The return in employee loyalty is worth the investment.

      Providing the finest automotive service experience for your customers can only be accomplished with loyal, dedicated and technically-proficient employees on your service team.