MOPAR® CAP Information for Dealers – FAQs

  • What is the advantage to sponsoring and ultimately hiring a MOPAR® CAP student?
    MOPAR CAP students learn on the latest Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT® vehicles and diagnostic equipment. In addition, they have access to the latest service information and receive training credit in the FCA Performance Institute Technical Skill Curriculum. As students progress towards graduation, they are generally at or through level 2 in several skill areas. Not only do they have the technical training, but also the habits to continue taking updated courses as they become available. A major advantage is that the students’ training is managed at the school, leaving dealership personnel free to work on other priorities. It is hands-on experience that your next generation of service technicians would normally only be able to get at a FCA US LLC training center.

  • Can I have an impact on what is taught at the MOPAR CAP College? Absolutely. MOPAR CAP requires each MOPAR CAP College to create an Advisory Board with the purpose of ensuring that the college is meeting the industry needs. We encourage all sponsoring dealers to be an active participant on the Dealer Advisory Board at their MOPAR CAP College.

  • How often will the MOPAR CAP student intern at my dealership? It depends on the MOPAR CAP College learning sequence/format. All schools are a little different but generally, the student rotates between the college and the sponsoring dealership each semester/quarter (i.e. attends college for half of the semester and works at the dealer the other half), alternating this sequence throughout the two-year process.

  • Who do I contact about sponsoring a MOPAR CAP student? You can contact the MOPAR CAP College directly using the map feature or main menu of this website. Another option is to contact the MOPAR CAP team via email at

  • Is it possible to sponsor more than one MOPAR CAP student at a time? Yes, there are several dealers today sponsoring multiple students. They discovered that after graduation MOPAR CAP graduates are well-rounded employees and very quickly become some of their most loyal and dedicated employees on staff.

  • I have a current employee that I would like to sponsor for the CAP program, who do I contact? We recommend that you contact the MOPAR CAP College that your employee would like to attend. The MOPAR CAP Coordinator can provide you with specific information about MOPAR CAP at their College and put you in contact with the correct person in the Admissions Office.

  • I recently hired a military veteran and I would like to sponsor them into MOPAR CAP. Is this possible? Absolutely. When you and your new employee determine that the time is right to work toward a degree we recommend that you contact the College of your choice. The CAP Coordinator can provide information about MOPAR CAP (i.e. enrollment process, requirements, tuition, etc.) at their College. In addition, military veterans have access to the GI Bill that provides funds for education that can be used toward MOPAR CAP.