How and Why Dealers Should Engage

How Dealers Should Engage

Sponsor an MOPAR® CAP Student

  • This can be a current employee who you believe has potential in your organization and would like to sponsor him/her into MOPAR CAP.
  • Another option is to sponsor an MOPAR CAP student who has already contacted a participating College and is looking for a sponsoring dealership. The College can make arrangements for you to interview potential MOPAR CAP candidates that are currently available.
  • The most proven model of success is when a dealership is involved with a local high school automotive program and is able to identify talent early-on. From there, the high school graduate can enroll in MOPAR CAP and begin working in your dealership as soon as possible.
  • Another option is to sponsor a friend or family member who you believe has potential and you would like to have them join your team. Sponsoring him/her in MOPAR CAP is an excellent way to start.

If you are looking to sponsor a more mature student than a high school graduate, military veterans are an excellent option for MOPAR CAP. In addition, all military veterans have access to the GI Bill, which can be used toward their MOPAR CAP college education.

Join the MOPAR CAP Advisory Board

Each MOPAR CAP College maintains an MOPAR CAP Advisory Board comprised of dealer representatives, students, corporate personnel and college administration. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to determine the direction in which the MOPAR CAP College should go in relation to core curriculum, curricular content and the order in which various subjects are studied within the curriculum to promote continuous program improvement. Give your MOPAR CAP College of choice some direction on what kind of technicians you are really looking for.

Why Dealers Should Engage

In an Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) survey of FCA US LLC dealers not currently engaged in AYES, 68% indicated that they have at least one technician over the age of 46 and 28% of those dealers have at least one technician over the age of 55. So the question now becomes, how are you going to replace these technicians when they retire?

Stealing technicians from other dealerships is a temporary band-aid fix for your shop – it simply moves the shortage of quality technicians around, compounding the situation. The key is to grow your own technicians through your local AYES and regional MOPAR CAP Colleges.

AYES and MOPAR CAP provide a very solid and rewarding career choice for many young adults and allows our dealers to grow-their-own technicians at the local level in order to meet their individual needs.

Designing an MOPAR CAP contract can be as flexible as you desire and allow you and your MOPAR CAP student to negotiate options best suited for each situation with regard to financial assistance and employment commitments. You can also avoid costs by sponsoring an MOPAR CAP student. Think about the time a new technician spends away from your dealership to complete instructor-led courses. When you multiply the number of days the technician spends in training by the revenue that technician generates per day, the resulting total represents the cost avoided by sponsoring an MOPAR CAP student instead of hiring off the street!

Here is what some dealers are saying about MOPAR CAP:

Overall Costs

“Bringing new technicians from the MOPAR CAP program speeds up the process when you are trying to grow your own technicians. From past history it has taken about five to seven years to get a technician to where they are proficient to make them a great technician. And with the MOPAR CAP program they are proficient in about four years. Splitting the cost of the education works well for both the dealer and the student, it is a joint venture for both parties and they have a lot to gain. It has been a win-win situation for dealer and student.”
Dealer President – Ohio

“My dealerships have been involved with AYES and CAP since 1996. Our AYES graduates go directly into MOPAR CAP. All have finished and are currently working at my first dealership in Tulsa.”
Owner – Oklahoma

Employee Loyalty

“I had hands-on experience and learned a lot from some of the best people in the business, for whom I've worked since May 1995. The experience I had at the CAP program has prepared me to reach my goals. Today, I am a Master Auto Technician and recently was promoted to Senior Shop Foreman.”
Former MOPAR CAP Student, Shop Foreman – New Jersey

“I knew MOPAR CAP would give me a head start in my career and the dealer was willing to sponsor me in this certified program. MOPAR CAP is a good opportunity to learn from seasoned technicians. You get up-to-date training from an MOPAR CAP College at the beginning of your career. Another plus for MOPAR CAP is not having to struggle through the hard “stuff” by yourself. You have great instructors at the MOPAR CAP College and the experienced technicians to help you on-the-job.”
MOPAR CAP Student – Ohio

There is not a better time to look at your options and start “growing your own” elite team of service specialist in your service department. The return in employee loyalty is well worth the investment.