MOPAR® CAP LOCAL Information for Parents - FAQs

  • I'm not sure I want my child to be a technician. Is it possible to support a family on a technician’s wage? The automotive service industry is looking for quality technicians to fulfill current open positions. Technologies used in today’s automobiles are very complex, constantly changing and require specific skills that must be learned to properly diagnose and maintain these vehicles. Good technicians can earn an excellent living to support their families and are in high demand at Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram dealerships throughout the country.

  • Are students required to have their own tools prior to entering college? A list of tools needed is provided by the college along with a timeline as to when the tools are required. Reputable tool companies from whom to purchase tools at a reasonable cost will be provided by the college. Students have the ability to purchase tools at significantly reduced prices from most reputable tool companies because of their student status.

  • What are the benefits of my child attending MOPAR® CAP LOCAL? They learn Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram products as well as FCA US LLC diagnostic technologies and service information. Consequently their product knowledge is much greater than someone with a generic certificate or automotive degree. Upon successful completion of the two-year associate’s degree in Automotive Service Technology (or equivalent credits can be transferable toward a bachelor’s degree, should the student wish to continue his/her education.) Contact your preferred MOPAR CAP LOCAL College for details about transferring school credit.

  • How does FCA US LLC support MOPAR CAP LOCAL? Chrysler supplies each MOPAR CAP LOCAL with Chrysler specific training materials and each MOPAR CAP LOCAL instructor is required to attend specific training courses to stay current with technologies used on Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram products.