Prospective students must have the proper qualifications to be successful. Qualifications include such things as a high school diploma, transcripts or certificate of high school equivalency (e.g., a general education degree like a GED). Specific student enrollment requirements are determined by each MOPAR® CAP college and university.

In many MOPAR CAP colleges, the student applicant may also be required to pass a college entrance exam as well as a mechanical aptitude test.

Check with your preferred MOPAR CAP school to inquire about their entrance requirements. Dealerships that sponsor MOPAR CAP students will likely require the following from a prospective student (also a potential employee) before they will consider sponsoring that student in their MOPAR CAP program:

  • Proof of a good driving record
  • Submit to drug testing

MOPAR CAP colleges and universities have included the same requirements for potential students as part of the college enrollment process.