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"The one benefit no one really talks about is the networking that takes place in class. We all work at Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® dealers and working on the same vehicles. Any time we run into a technical problem while on the job, we discuss the matter in class, then usually someone else sees the same problem at a later date and since we talked about it in class, they already know the solution to the problem."

Mitch Y.

MOPAR® CAP Student

Dunwoody College of Technology Bloomington, MN

"The MOPAR CAP program provides a comprehensive curriculum to not only offer students a degree, but to truly create the "factory-trained technicians" that all service managers are searching for. Upon completion of the program, CAP students are truly ready to be working in the field, having knowledge AND experience in their chosen field. I have found no other formula to get even close to as good of a technician in such a short period of time. The MOPAR CAP program is truly a solid base for anyone wishing to enter the automotive service industry and can be a launching pad to further your career even past being a technician. I believe I have a unique perspective as I am a MOPAR CAP graduate, class of 2000, and have since been able to run successful service departments in several high quality dealerships."

James Campbell

Parts and Service Director

Graduate of Mopar CAP at Southeast Community College - Class of 2000